Big Tech Company sums up

2 03 2010

A great summary on what services & products the current big 4 consumer tech companies provide.

From the looks of it, yahoo is slowly losing it’s grip and it’s days of glory is slowly fading away. Especially after they gave up on search and uses Bing on the background. They are only currently holding on because of their news site, but for how long?

At the rate iPhone is eating up the mobile market and Android being the choice of OS for new mobile phones in masses, Microsoft might just be cornered into producing their own mobile hardware just to stay in the game. I am still using a windows mobile device, but definitely not for my next phone. Microsoft have squandered away their lead on smart phones, and it’s a shame.

A lot of people might not notice, but Google have been building up their database, and have been mapping the world. Google map use to suck for places like Singapore where we needed to use a local website, but now it rocks! I think google is doing it correct by building massive database which people will build their website upon and rely on them.

I won’t be surprise if Facebook is on this chart the next year if they play their cards right.

[ from NYTimes ]




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