Apple sues HTC for infringing on 20 iPhone Patents

3 03 2010

A little background on HTC base on my knowledge before the main topic of discussion:

  • HTC made O2 XDA phones (Windows Mobile)
  • Dopod was HTC
  • HTC made PDAs for HP
  • HTC is founded in 1997

Basically HTC have been making PDA, SmartPhone… etc when Apple was trying to make a name for themselves with iPod. HTC was one of the most demanding customer when I was involved in the camera module business and they are good!

Now, to the main topic. Apple has made a press release stating that it has filed suit against cell phone manufacturer HTC for patent infringement. From the list of patent infringments (from TechCrunch) Apple has maybe 2~3 strong case to sue HTC, but I won’t be surprise if HTC counter sues back. For example, “List Scrolling And Document Translation, Scaling and Rotation on a touch-screen display”, HTC has similar implementation in TouchFlo (HTC Touch.. etc) way back in 2007. All I am saying is, HTC have been making and designing smart phones, & PDA long before the existence of iPhone and i am sure they have some great patents which iPhone has infringed upon.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not on both HTC or Apple’s side. I am still a Window’s Mobile owner (HTC products and have been for the past 5 years), but I am pretty sure I will get a iPhone if I change to a new phone now. I just go with what i know is the best, that’s all.

To me this is basically a case of the company has too much cash, and the lawyers want some. Or maybe Apple wants access to some of the patents from HTC. I am very sure this lawsuit will just end up as patent exchange program. That is just my take 🙂

[ via TechCrunch ]




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