Move Alarm Clock Around to Ensure Waking in the Morning

4 03 2010

The problem with alarm clock for everyone is that they have gotten use to it that we can off the first alarm (and snooze) and off any second alarm in my sleep, literally.

There are a few suggestion on lifehacker which are quite interesting such as:

  • wrapping the alarm clock with a t-shit and placing it in a different orientation and location
  • having multiple alarm clock which are totally different (i.e. mobile phone and a classic type) and place them at different location

I have been placing my alarm clock in a different room for 2 months now, and  eventually you can sleep walk. That’s my take 🙂




4 responses

4 03 2010

Why wrap it with a t-shirt? Wouldn’t it then be harder to hear it go off?

4 03 2010

just make the alarm louder 😛

4 03 2010

I think it won’t work for me if it is wrapped with a t-shirt.

7 03 2010
Marybeth Miskovic Feutz

I had the same problem. I could get out of bed, hit snooze on the alarm on the other side of the room, and go back to bed, barely realizing I had done any of that. I would snooze for an hour or more at my worst. (best?) I finally just decided that I would not hit snooze any more!! 10 days in, so far so good…

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