[DSLR] Secrets of Wildlife Photographers

5 03 2010

It’s always inspiring to see photos of wildlife in magazines such as National Geographic… etc. I am sure it was a reason for some of us to become photo enthusiast. Here are some tips from great wildlife photographers:

  • shoot at the highest burst of frames per second
  • fast lens
  • practice on pets
  • don’t get too close
  • focus on the edge of the herd
  • for birds, look for those that repeatedly traverse the same flight pattern, and learn the pattern. Then find a background.
  • song birds are best photograph in spring as they define and defend their territories. the males will have their favorite singing perches.
  • use motion triggered camera
  • use bait. like water source in the middle of the Arizona desert almost guarantee a few thirsty subject
  • hire a local guide

But first, you must get up from the couch and go outdoors! That’s my take 🙂

[ PopPhoto ]




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