[DSLR] What Photos to take Inside Airports

7 03 2010


Airports are great placed to take abstract photos. This is because it usually have wide open space, and a lot of lines shapes. Above is a shot taken of the ceiling of the Terminal 2 at Hong Kong’s airport. I have to find a spot where i was nearly the same height as the ceiling before i can get the ‘effect’ i want. Here are some tips:

  • look up & look around
  • try to move around (most of the time is to avoid the pillars! hahah)
  • converging lines are always fun
  • think black and white
  • people. tired travelers are usually like subjects, but choose wisely and ask for permission
  • wait. either so that you can get a clean shot or for your ‘main’ subject to appear

It doesn’t cost any $$ to take photos nowadays, so just snap away and experiment. And with time to kill at the airport before your flight, it’s a great time to explore new styles and techniques. That’s my take.




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