Google Plans To Translate Everything

10 03 2010

For those of you smart phone user, especially Andriod, you would have notice that Google have been heavily involve in speech to text translation and object search by taking a photo.

And now they are doing something which a lot of company have shun for a long time, language translation for FREE (this is sure going to make a dent in sales of corporate translation too like IBM).

“Machine translation is one of the best examples that shows Google’s strategic vision,” said Tim O’Reilly, founder and chief executive of the technology publisher O’Reilly Media. “It is not something that anyone else is taking very seriously. But Google understands something about data that nobody else understands, and it is willing to make the investments necessary to tackle these kinds of complex problems ahead of the market.”

No matter what criticism people make of Google, I must say that it’s a company with a vision, just like any other companies which are still lead by their founders. With Google’s massive computing capability behind them I am willing to bet that Google will be successful in this. You can read the full article at the NYTimes.

Now, I should get an Android phone so that when i am traveling overseas and looking at a foreign menu, i can use my phone to take picture of the menu and get an instant translation. It sure beat eating horse carpaccio. That’s my take 🙂




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