[travel] finding food

10 03 2010

I was reading this article about finding vegetarian food in Buenos Aires on NYTimes, and it reminded me that my sister (who just became a full fledged vegetarian last year) faces difficulties when it come to finding food when traveling.

When traveling, all of us would like to find the local best. But it is always a challenging task to comb through the web, and separating the ‘always good’ review from the truth. And I am sure the challenge of this task goes up by 5~6 times if you or your partner have food restrictions, so I guess it will be great to hire professional help like RevePlanner to solve this headache.

What I am glad is to see that a lot of places are starting to offer vegetarian meals, cause there are times when I have too much rich food during holidays and my only solution was a fruit dinner. That’s my take 🙂




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