Fish & Co. wins Malaysian case against Manhattan Fish Market

14 03 2010

Whenever you take a look at Fish & Co. and Manhattan Fish Market, you know there is something fishy going on between the two. The concept is similar, both serves the food in serving pans, have similar sauces and slogans.

The legal dispute started back in 2004, when Fish & Co. sued their ex-employee for breach of his employment obligation when they found that the ex-employee was involved in setting up “The Manhattan Fish Market” in Malaysia. Eventually, the matter was settled out-of-court, and they signed the Settlement Deed.

But it seems that the latest win by Fish & Co on March 12, 2010 indicates that Manhattan Fish Market breached the Settlement Deed in 2005. They have to pay Fish & Co. RM862,920.04 with 4 percent interest from 26th Sept 2005.

You can get more details on the matter from AsiaOne.

Both restaurant chain serves decent food, and I hope they will focus on what matters to their diners most. Quality of the food and service. That’s my take 🙂




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