Oldest Trees On The Planet

18 03 2010

The article on Wired showcase some of the oldest Tree On the Planet. And it sure is amazing how some tree can achieve that status and be up to 80,000 years old! The interesting part is, the listing separates out individual trees from colonies.

The oldest individual tree is 4,765 years old, and it’s located 10,000 feet above sea level in the Inyo National Forest by the name Methuselah. The tree is hidden among other millennia-old Great Basin bristlecone pines in a grove called the Forest of Ancients. To protect the tree from vandalism, the forest service keeps its exact location secret, but the one below looks like it could be Methuselah.

Image:  cwsteeds/Flickr

My personal favorite is by the name Old Tjikko (named after the founder’s dead dog). It’s just 16 foot tall and it is located in Sweden but is carbon-dated at 9,550 years old. I guess size and looks can be deceiving, but it is sure an interesting read. So don’t go around chopping down trees, else you might just miss your chance to name one of the world oldest tree. That’s my take 🙂

[ Wired ]




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