[toys] Lego Vault: The Memory Lane

20 03 2010

Hidden somewhere in Denmark is a secure, temperature & humidity controller, fireproof archival vault with thousands of little colorful plastic pieces in cardboard boxes. All unopened, all unused  Lego sets. The vault holds almost every Lego set ever produced. A visit to such a place will be a priceless childhood dream come true!

And the vault is appropriately called The Memory Lane.

You can go read the full article, and also watch a video at: Gizmodo Lego Trip.

[ Gizmodo ]




3 responses

20 03 2010

I miss those kits from long-ago, that were just plain Lego bricks, the ones you can build anything you can imagine out of. Nowadays all I can find are build-a-model-to-instruction Lego kits.

21 03 2010

Serously? Build to instruction Lego kits?
Where is the imaginations anymore? I can still remember going to my neighbor’s house, and build space ships which will bring me far far away 🙂

15 07 2010

lol, not just kids enjoys the pleasure of playing that stuff. As well as older people plays lego.

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