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22 03 2010


Originally uploaded by Cl0udChas3r

I am sure a lot of you out there heard or read a lot of photography tips, and one of the more common one is to ‘look up’. And all I can say is that i totally agree with that! But it doesn’t stop there, look all around you and at weird angles… but never forget to stop for a while to compose your picture, else you might get a moment of “why didn’t i…. ” when you get home.

And sometimes, you might think that the photo you have taken is not good, but you might be surprise to take another look of it on your computer. I think that is why National Geographics photographer are told not to delete any photos…. after all, storage is cheap nowadays. That’s my take 🙂




One response

22 03 2010

Didn’t know that National Geographic’s photographers are told not to delete any photos! Interesting. 😀

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