[gadg3t] Nintendo DS to be use in Schools?

22 03 2010

It seems that Nintendo DS will be used in schools soon, if you are in Japan.

Speaking through a translator, Miyamoto said that Nintendo’s DS console was already being used in Japanese museums, galleries, and aquariums, and that his company was beginning to roll out the Nintendo DS system “in junior high and elementary schools in Japan starting in the new school year.”

Read the full article at NPR.

I believe iPhone is a better platform with so many apps available, because development would be faster. But iPhone is so expensive compare to Nintendo DS. Ant to mention the fact that teachers might not know the student is texting or doing their sums. That’s my take 🙂

[ npr via engadget ]




2 responses

22 03 2010

Well, the teacher might not know the student is playing games or doing their sums too if it’s Nintendo, no?

By the way, Japanese are in general more of a nintendo lover than an iphone lover. You see kids with nintendo all around!

22 03 2010

you have a point there, but at least you need to change the cartridge on the DS 😛

I think that DS is just great, without it, i don’t think i can ever play Professor Layton! I hope Nintendo will come up with more innovative game platform 🙂

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