[news] iPhone, Safari, IE8 & Firefox thrashed by Hackers

25 03 2010

Flaws were found at a lot of our daily used web browsers and iPhone today within minutes into this year’s Pwn2Own. And all these are no child’s play as there is quite a lot of $$ at stake, not to mention reputation.

The highlights will be that, no major player with the latest patch is safe with the exception of Google’s Chrome, which is left standing after the 1st day of a 3 day event. The list of browsers for the 1st day is as below:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7
  • Mozilla Firefox 3 on Windows 7
  • Google Chrome 4 on Windows 7
  • Apple Safari 4 on MacOS X Snow Leopard

It seems that of the list of phones below, iPhone was the only one which fell (or the only one some hacker bother to crack):

  • Apple iPhone 3GS
  • RIM Blackberry Bold 9700
  • Nokia E72 device running Symbian
  • HTC Nexus One running Android

I fully support activities like this, as it keeps the OS & software developers on their toes, because last year, Firefox came out with the patch to fix the flaw in just one week. Impressive. That’s my take.

Pwn2Own 2010




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