[tools] AVG Anti-Virus with a Twist

27 03 2010

and the twist is…. it’s a boot CD anti-virus. It enables you to start your computer under another program/OS (linux), then it checks for viruses from there.

Why you ask? it’s because….

  • there are times when your Windows goes down , and it becomes inoperable
  • there are deep-rooted virus infection, which your traditional anti-virus will not catch when Windows is running
  • it has anti-virus, anti-spyware and a system recovery tool
  • by theory, it should run faster 😛
  • it’s free!!

Just head on over to AVG to download it for free!

Personally, if you are only using your PC for websurfing, watching movies and IM most of the time, you should use Linux (such as Ubuntu) as your main OS. Saves you all this virus & spyware trouble to begin with. That’s my take!

[ AVG via lifehacker ]




2 responses

4 04 2010

Hmm. I think I match the profile of people who should use Linux. Time for me to do so?

5 04 2010

you can switch your netbook to linux 🙂
but not your main system, since you might need the magic of CS5

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