[flickr] pineapple

28 03 2010


Originally uploaded by Cl0udChas3r

Symmetrical items are always great subject. Let it be buildings, plants, animals…. etc, we have a thing for symmetries.
And the easy thing about it, is that it’s easy to spot just like this pineapple shot i took. Although the pineapple shot is not 100% symmetrical, but to me it’s considered, because nature intended it that way šŸ™‚
The tricky thing is how you should frame the photo. For example, center, off center, portrait, landscape, square, and details. And the last one is the most difficult because you have to worry about tilt, and what is in the background. Of course, you can always say that it’s easy to ‘photoshop’ it later, but I would prefer to do it ‘first time right’. And a few seconds to position yourself correctly might save your hours of post processing time. That’s my take.




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