[hack] Hack Your Windows Mobile Phone to Run Android

7 04 2010

When i read the article on Wired, I was excited. Finally, there is a chance for me to own an Android phone (and get away from Windows Mobile) without costing me anything!

It’s great to know that there are developers out there who took the time to make Android work on the HTC Touch. Just like running Linux on an old machine can bring new life (and running faster), my HTC Touch can have a lease on life.

I believe this hack will be extra popular here in Singapore, as HTC Touch was a good phone. And as a Windows Mobile user for the past 6 years, I am disappointed at them not improving enough, but we all have to move on…  and I am moving to an Android soon! That’s my take 🙂

So you should head on over to Connor Roberts’s page and get started on transforming your HTC Touch to run Android.

[ Wired ]




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