[news] iPhone OS 4 – Multitasking Video

9 04 2010

But multitasking is only available to iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch (3rd Gen) and iPad. Now you can do things like upload photos to Flickr without having to keep the Flickr app open, or continue playing a game after answering an incoming SMS or chat or answer a call.

According to the information I have gathered so far, iPhone OS’ Multitasking is not a 100% true multitasking like what it is on my PCs. Apple’s iPhone OS 4’s method is more of like a traffic controller, and pauses application while enabling some special services to run. Like able to turn right on Red in the US? 😉

As expected, Apple placed a large amount of thought into multi-tasking, after all resources are scarce in mobile devices, and it’s difficult to keep it stable. That’s my take.

[ Gizmodo ]




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