[flickr] reflection

10 04 2010


Originally uploaded by Cl0udChas3r

I have always enjoyed using my Flickr photos as examples for photography tips, cause it represents what i have discovered. A personal experience is always a more in-dept experience.

As you can see the title is reflection, which is a popular topic. But what i would like to stress is that not all reflection is noticed by our brain. It’s like our grain is conditioned to ignore some aspect of reflection which we don’t like and focus on the ‘main subject’. To further stress this, how many times have you taken a photo, then only went: “that stupid reflection… ” when you review it again in the LCD?

Well, this goes both ways, as some minor reflection are what we want to capture. Just like this photo. I didn’t notice it at first as it’s a faint reflection, but after taking the first shot and noticing it. I then only took the time to strategically place the reflection to be part of the composition.

I still have a long way to go before i can declare myself as a good photographer, and i need to pay more attention to the details. That’s my take.




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