[gadg3t] New MacBook Pro

13 04 2010

The new MacBook Pros are here, and the 15 & 17 inch models are now loaded with Intel’s Core i5 and i7 which has the much hyped about Turbo Boost aka automatic over-clocking. We don’t see any processor change for the 13-inch model which stays behind with Core2Duo, but the good news is Apple is now giving more for the same price because all new models now come with a base RAM of 4GB @ DDR3 and a larger HDD.

Head on over to Apple’s website to check out all the new specs, and if you have recently bought a MacBook Pro. Call Apple up and ask for a swap or refund, cause you are now getting bigger bang for your buck and it’s worth the trouble. That’s my take.

[ Apple ]




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