[quote] On Experience

19 04 2010

“You don’t need experience if you can think.”

There is this new guy who just joined my team right out of university, and I was explaining to him about the finer points of IC Design. It came to a point that I was telling him about things to consider when we are doing top-level floor-planning and timing budgeting, when he said: “All these can be learned through experience, right?”. I instinctively answered: “Experience is not important, we should think to try to prevent unwanted experience.”

On my way home, I thought about what i have said to this new guy I just met. This is when it strike me, I have been trying to get out of the trap of being labeled as too young, or not enough years of experience in certain positions for ages. I believe I have been a very capable engineer, giving ideas where more ‘experienced’ people failed to see, I have thought of ways to prevent unwanted surprises… but when talk to people about career advancements, I have been getting the “you have not enough years of experience” reply.

Is experience really all that important if one can think? If I can think of ways to prevent catastrophe from happing in a design more important than experiencing it? (somehow the current society rewards people who solves problems rather than those who prevent them… but i will leave this to another day)

If one have the capacity to think and imagine, he / she does not need experience. We just need to think more. That is my take.




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