[tips] Simple Google Search Tricks

21 04 2010
  • Use the “site:” operator to limit searches to a particular site. This is handy for sites which does not have built-in search engines or the built-in search engine is in adequate. But this does not work on all website, because there are sites such as facebook which prevent s the web crawler from going into the site.
  • Use Google as a spelling aid. just type what you think the spelling is correct and press search. If the search results are correct, then it’s great, else they have the “Do you mean:” thingy. I find it useful to look for definition using the “define:” operator
  • Use Google as a calculator. just try something like “2^8-(8/9+6)”.
  • Use Google for unit conversions. Just try “10.5 cm in inches”
  • Find out what time it is anywhere in the world. try “time kuala lumpur”
  • Find out the weather anywhere in the world. try “weather kuala lumpur”
  • Get quick currency conversions. it’s as simple as “20234 yen in SGD”
  • Use the “OR” operator
  • Exclude specific term with the “-” operator. One of my favorite operator as it really helps me find sites hidden deep under common words as you can use this to remove words which you know are totally not related. Example of the usage is “apple news -iphone -ipad”
  • Search for specific document types with the “filetype:” operator. For example, “sb-600 filetype:pdf” will give you results related to the sb-600 flash in pdf, which most likely results in the user manual 🙂
  • Search within numerical range using the “..” operator. I recently found out about this, and it’s actually very useful to have a time period search. For example “Olympics 1950..1960”, will return results of olympic events between 1950 to 1960.
  • Search specific phrase using quotation marks (”  “) operators. This is very useful to search for phrases.

[ NYTimes ]

  • 1. Use the “site:” operator to limit searches to a particular site.use



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