[youtube] Youtube kills Hitler parody

22 04 2010

According to The Inquirer, YouTube will be pulling the most famous and popular movie clips used for parodies ranging from iPad to Nikon latest toy and even Michael Jackson. Until today, I have only fond out the title of the movie which the infamous clips is taken from: a German movie Der Untergang, or “Downfall”.

….. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Constantin Film, which made the film in 2004, has told Youtube that it does not want its flick to be used in such spoofs.

A quick search on YouTube, and it seems that the videos are still there, but YouTube might yank it away any minute. So, go and enjoy your favorite clips before they are gone. That’s my take.

[ The Inquirer ]




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23 04 2010

Hey, take a look at this: YouTube’s Advice: Dispute Hitler “Downfall” Parody Takedowns – http://mashable.com/2010/04/22/hitler-youtube-downfall/

23 04 2010

hahhaha… no wonder i still see those video clips on YouTube this morning 😀

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