[movie] Iron Man 2 – meets expectation

1 05 2010

First thing first, stay will after the credits (as all other Marvel Comic based movies).

Now more to the movie… I believe this is the most anticipated movie for this summer, and Robert Downey Jr played his part perfectly. Basically the plot is the simple: man wants revenge, cooperate greed drone help man get revenge & have a piece of technology at the same time, hero come to self realization and hero save the day with A LOT OF ACTION in between. The character development for Whip Lash could have been better, but the movie is already 2 hours long, so I guess the director have to balance everything. Most likely the DVD release will fill in more gaps.

I notice in the credits that Stan Lee, the ‘father’ of Marvel Comics, makes a cameo appearance, but I must have missed him during the movie. And another thing to point out is that I think the Visual Effect Designer list is longer that the rest of the names in the credit put together.

I give this movie a must see, and with the crowd I saw at the cinema today, I believe all the tickets for this weekend have been sold out. My wife thinks that Iron Man 2 is slightly below expectation, but I really enjoyed the movie and would say it is on par with the 1st. For those who will say it’s not as nice… I will say it’s just that you have set the expectation a little too high, that’s my take.




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