[tools] Save Energy by Reducing CPU Usage

2 05 2010

With Moore’s Law, we have been blessed with faster machines year after year to run those mission critical, state of the games (or actual work) on our PC. But most of the time when we are surfing the web, watching YouTube… etc, the CPU uses more energy when needed.

This is when Granola comes in. It’s a simple to use power management tool which reduces CPU usage slightly to save energy when there is no need for super high speed computing. And the best thing is, running Granola requires no technical knowledge. Just download and launch, and It’s available for Linux, and Windows.

Another cool thing to mention is the interface. It provides some basic number of how much energy you will save yearly in an interesting way i.e. how many trees and gallon of gasoline you will save… etc.

The tool is free, and it only takes seconds to install. And so far, I have not see any performance degradation on my linux (Ubuntu 10.04), so there is no reason for you not to install it. That’s my take.

[ Granola via Addictivetips ]




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