[news] Andriod Smartphones Overtakes iPhone

11 05 2010

iPhone has been taking a beating from the arsenal of Android phones out there, and has overtaken iPhone to be in second place for market share capture withing the first 3 months of 2010 in the US. The largest market share holder in the US are still Blackberry, but i doubt Blackberry can hold on long. Especially when every phone makers out there who used to produce Windows Mobile phones are switching to Android.

The figures put out by analysts NPD show that in the first three months of this year the Iphone captured 21 per cent of the US market. That sounds very good until you read that Android devices took 28 per cent and the Blackberry came in with 38 per cent of the pie. The significant point is that Android devices have overtaken Apple’s Iphone and pushed the Jesus phone into third place.

Taken from The Inquirer

Anyhow I believe this is just temporary, as the hordes of Apple fans out there are waiting for the next gen iPhone, and it will be difficult for Blackberry to hold the fort. That’s my take.

[ The Inquirer ]




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