[gadg3t] new next gen iPhone found in Vietnam

12 05 2010

It seems that this phone that surface in Vietnam could be a later prototype as pointed out in Engadget that the 2 screws at the bottom of the Gizmodo version (on the left) is no more. Giving it a cleaner look.

The boys at Taoviet also did a tear down revealing that it’s highly likely the new gen iPhone will be using the a similar processor as the iPad. This will surely give the new iPhone a whole lot of processing power!

Head on over to Engadget to see more pictures, and also a video of the tear down if you are interested. But other than what i have mentioned, there is nothing new from what was mention by Gizmodo a few weeks back.

This new leak looks extremely suspicious, and I am starting to think that the leaks are Apple marketing folks at work, because of the press Android has been getting lately. That’s my take.

[ Taoviet via Engadget ]




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