[news] Canon Produces the 40 Millionth EOS-Series SLR Camera

13 05 2010

Two years ago, Canon made a press release to celebrate their 100 millionth compact camera produced. And today, they are celebrating the production of the 40 millionth EOS SLR camera.

After all, it took a full decade (1987 to 1997) for you to conjure up 10 million EOS film cameras, and six more after that to hit the magical 20 million mark. Once you blew through 30 million in 2007, it took but 28 months to get where you are today.


Half of the EOS cameras sold are digital, and at the rate the people are adopting DSLR, it is no surprise. And I am sure the trend will continue until video really picks up. By the someone has to REALLY figure out how we should store all those data, and manage them. That’s my take.

[ MarketWatch ]




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