[youtube] “…. like a police asking for a bribe”

22 05 2010

FYI for those who might not know, he is Najib the ‘Prime Minister’ of Malaysia. And this was shot 2 weeks ago before a by-election in Sibu, Sarawak. After watching this video, I know why some blogger has labeled Najib as a lousy cop asking for bribe. I am glad that they didn’t win.

If I were to speak like him to a police, I am sure to be caught for attempted bribery or the police will be expecting a huge sum of money. Either way, I will get into trouble.

The questions that went through my head is:

  • how a politician can be so blunt. what happened to politically correct?
  • why has the Election Committee or the anti corruption unit done anything?
  • do the citizen need to vote for the ruling party to get some flood problem fixed?
  • isn’t this vote buying?
  • why does he want to give RM5mil to fix something that is estimated to cost RM3mil?
  • Isn’t this allocated at the beginning of the year?

If the people are facing problem, do we really have to wait till it’s election time before anything is done? The government is suppose to be servants of the people, not someone who blackmail and bribe to get elected. That’s my take.




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