[news] Chinese Supercomputer Ranked World’s Second Fastest

3 06 2010

China is not only making it’s presence felt in the finance & economy world, but it is also making waves in the technology sector as ‘The Dawning Nebulae’ is now ranked as the world’s second fastest supercomputer. This new ranking was made public on at the International Supercomputer Conference in Hamburg on the 31st May 2010.

Although in terms of theoretical peak performance the Chinese supercomputer is suppose to be top notch, but it the results was disappointing when it come to actual computing speed. I guess the engineers & scientist at the National Supercomputing Center in Shenzen, China will have more work to do to tweak the performance of their brand new toy.

The Nebulae is based on chips from Intel & Nvidia, but a new system which will be based on China’s homegrown microprocessor is due later this year. China is sure out to proof to the world that it is not just a manufacturing power house. That’s my take.




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