[tools] Improve your Window’s Performance by Removing Unnecessary Software During Startup

23 06 2010

Once in a while you will find a software, and after just looking at the introduction animation clip, you will go “I want to invest in that company”. And this is even more so for Soluto after I have tried it on my netbook.

The concept is as simple as the days when I use Windows primary, where you run msconfig on the command prompt to manually select what application should Windows startup and not (most of the time it is a guessing game).

What Soluto is providing is a simplification of the process where the application monitors the startup of your computer, then break down all the application to 3 categories which are “Required”, “No Brainer” and “Potentially Removable”. From there on, you will be able to see the break down of how long each application sucks up during your Windows startup, and can choose to remove the application, delay it, or stay as status quo. The cool part about Soluto is that it also collects data on what other users do to certain application, and shows it to you to ease your decision process.

From my trial with Soluto, I have improve my NetBook’s startup time by 15%, and it now runs better as well!

Cool tool, which i would say is a must for all Windows users. And personally, this should come from Microsoft in the first place. But one giant’s failure could result in a new giant. That’s my take.

[ Soluto ]




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