[gadg3t] Laptop Manufacturers Back Universal Power Adapter

7 07 2010

This is good news indeed because we will eventually see cheaper laptops, and people will be able to share power adapter in a meeting room instead of the asking what make & model each other laptops are when the juice is running low.

It is always a waste when i see good adapters being thrown into the garbage bin whenever we change to a new laptop. According to the IEEE people, this will lower e-waste and reduce the cost of buying a new laptop by 10 to 15 per cent. Yippy!

Too bad only Acer and Asustek are going to back this IEEE power supply standard for now. I hope other companies will join in soon. I am quite certain Apple will not join in, after all they have this MagSafe design which i am very impressed with. Think of the environment! That’s my take.




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