[web] iTunes Accounts Hacked

7 07 2010

A number of iTunes accounts has been hacked, with user reporting between $100 & $1400 being spent without their knowledge or consent.

The first hint that something was amiss over the weekend came when two developers noticed that 40 out of the top 50 slots in the iTunes books section were all released by the same dev—Thuat Nguyen, all of whose apps have since been pulled from the App Store—most without ratings or reviews, most purchased from hacked accounts.

From Gizmodo

The good news is that there are some user out there saying that iTunes Store acknowledges the issues and will reimburse your the money. The developer and the apps involved in such fraud has been removed from the App Store. This comes to prove that as Apple stuffs become more popular, hackers are also getting more interested! That’s my take.

[ Gizmodo ]




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