[android] Alarm Clock Not Going Off

8 07 2010

I just got my first Android phone, Motorola Milestone, for a week and am having great fun with it! But the Alarm Clock keeps on bugging me as the Alarm Clock doesn’t ring at all, and I was using my trusty old Nokia phone as my alarm till today.

Finally i have time to do some research, and found out how sometimes too much control over your phone is bad (if not done properly). My problem was the Advanced Task Killer which I have installed onto my Milestone on day one itself, and I have been using it to kill off all the apps to save power & memory. Android allows us to so much control, that we sometimes forget that some of the apps still need to be run on the background, and Alarm Clock is one of them.

So, for those of you who face the same problem, and uses the Advanced Task Killer (or any other task killer), the fix is rather simple and should be valid for all alarm clock apps, not just the default ones. All you need is to do is include the Alarm Clock in the ignore list by performing the steps below:

  • Open Alarm Clock
  • Go back to home
  • Open Advanced Task Killer
  • Long press on Alarm Clock
  • Click on Ignore to add Alarm Clock to the ignore list
  • (you can manage the ignore list by going to the menu -> Setting -> ignore list)

Good luck, have fun, and let me know if this works for you!


Move Alarm Clock Around to Ensure Waking in the Morning

4 03 2010

The problem with alarm clock for everyone is that they have gotten use to it that we can off the first alarm (and snooze) and off any second alarm in my sleep, literally.

There are a few suggestion on lifehacker which are quite interesting such as:

  • wrapping the alarm clock with a t-shit and placing it in a different orientation and location
  • having multiple alarm clock which are totally different (i.e. mobile phone and a classic type) and place them at different location

I have been placing my alarm clock in a different room for 2 months now, and  eventually you can sleep walk. That’s my take 🙂