[android] Alarm Clock Not Going Off

8 07 2010

I just got my first Android phone, Motorola Milestone, for a week and am having great fun with it! But the Alarm Clock keeps on bugging me as the Alarm Clock doesn’t ring at all, and I was using my trusty old Nokia phone as my alarm till today.

Finally i have time to do some research, and found out how sometimes too much control over your phone is bad (if not done properly). My problem was the Advanced Task Killer which I have installed onto my Milestone on day one itself, and I have been using it to kill off all the apps to save power & memory. Android allows us to so much control, that we sometimes forget that some of the apps still need to be run on the background, and Alarm Clock is one of them.

So, for those of you who face the same problem, and uses the Advanced Task Killer (or any other task killer), the fix is rather simple and should be valid for all alarm clock apps, not just the default ones. All you need is to do is include the Alarm Clock in the ignore list by performing the steps below:

  • Open Alarm Clock
  • Go back to home
  • Open Advanced Task Killer
  • Long press on Alarm Clock
  • Click on Ignore to add Alarm Clock to the ignore list
  • (you can manage the ignore list by going to the menu -> Setting -> ignore list)

Good luck, have fun, and let me know if this works for you!


[gadg3t] Budget HTC Android Phone –> Wildfire

18 05 2010

Keeping up to tradition, the people at HTC will bring you a cool budget smartphone whenever possible, similar to what they did for Windows Mobile and the HTC Touch. And now, they have just announced the Wildfire, and at first look, my hand itches!

Specs are:

  • 3.2 inch QVGA capacitive touch screen
  • 5MP camera
  • LED flash
  • 528MHz processor
  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi

The phone is schedule to come to Europe and Asia in Q3, and is available in 4 different colors. I like the red best, and as a user of HTC Touch, the Wildfire looks attractive. That’s my take.

[ HTC ]

[gadg3t] Google Tablet on the way – according to Verizon

12 05 2010

According to Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam, the carrier is working with Google on a tablet computer.

This might translate to an Android tablet some time soon. But rumor has it, it could just be a Chrome base tablet. But either way, there will be more free apps available compare to the iPad. It still amazes me how much free stuff Google gives out. Translation apps, Searches by photo, Google Doc…. etc

Wonder if this will be available worldwide? I doubt so, since this is a Verizon initiative, but there is always eBay and international shipping 🙂 Either way, it will give Apple a good run for their $$. That’s my take.

[ Gizmodo ]

[news] Andriod Smartphones Overtakes iPhone

11 05 2010

iPhone has been taking a beating from the arsenal of Android phones out there, and has overtaken iPhone to be in second place for market share capture withing the first 3 months of 2010 in the US. The largest market share holder in the US are still Blackberry, but i doubt Blackberry can hold on long. Especially when every phone makers out there who used to produce Windows Mobile phones are switching to Android.

The figures put out by analysts NPD show that in the first three months of this year the Iphone captured 21 per cent of the US market. That sounds very good until you read that Android devices took 28 per cent and the Blackberry came in with 38 per cent of the pie. The significant point is that Android devices have overtaken Apple’s Iphone and pushed the Jesus phone into third place.

Taken from The Inquirer

Anyhow I believe this is just temporary, as the hordes of Apple fans out there are waiting for the next gen iPhone, and it will be difficult for Blackberry to hold the fort. That’s my take.

[ The Inquirer ]

[tools] Google Goggles Translates Text in Pictures

7 05 2010

Another thumbs-up for Google for introducing things which I consider them a must have when I am traveling in a foreign country. With the new version of the Google Goggles app (which is compatible with Android OS 1.6 or higher),  the apps can recognize words in written in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish and translate them into other languages.

This is sure helpful when it comes to ordering food when traveling instead of using sign language or butchering other folk’s national language 😛

I am now waiting for them to support non roman character languages such as Japanese and Chinese.

It is up to the telco must figure a way for better data charges when we are in a foreign land. Then Android phones will really be crucial. That’s my take.

[ GigaOM ]

[news] Android OS Market Share

15 04 2010

It seems that the current Android OS are spread to 3 major versions, which are the Android 1.5 aka Cupcake, Android  1.6 Donut and Android 2.1 Eclair. This will pose to be a problem for Android handset maker and apps developer as each OS version’s feature differ quite a bit from the other, and not all handset can support the latest and greatest OS. While for apps developer, it’s difficult to develop an app that can work on all OS version, which is why my vote of confidence for better developer environment still goes to Apple.

Moreover, there are some handset, such as the HTC Hero which was promised an OS upgrade to Eclair in April a few months back, and there is not even a smell of the update recently. I believe once such upgrade happens for HTC Hero, Motorola Droid…. etc, Eclair will have a larger market share. This will be much appreciate for those Android owners, as Eclair is much more feature pack and can support a few new and cool apps from Google.

I hope that the teething issues of Android will start to disappear, because deep down inside, I am an Android supporter. That’s my take.

p.s. now to continue to ‘upgrade’ my HTC Touch to run Android 😀

[ Wired ]

[stats] Android Apps Picking Up Pace

9 04 2010

The Android Market, which host Android apps has a lot of catching up to compare to iPhone, but it is surely picking up pace. In March, over 9,000 were added, and based on the graph, it looks exponential!

As more Android phones are introduce, the apps market will sure pick up. But with so may different platform in terms of screen size, processor, OS version.. etc, I truely hope Android will not fall into the Window’s Mobile trap of too many phone specific apps. Which is why I think iPhone is this successful so far, sometimes control freaks are good. That’s my take.

[AndroidLib via phoneArena via Gizmodo ]