[ubuntu] Nvidia Driver Random Freeze

13 02 2011

After my recent update (7th Feb 2011), I have been facing issues with Ubuntu Lucid (10.04), where it randomly does one (or all) of the below:

  • display goes ‘fuzzy’ or ‘freezes’,
  • the mouse can still move for a while at least.
  • mouse freeze
  • keyboard does not respond

If i am patient enough, I can wait and everything should be fine in 30 seconds. Sometimes if i am lucky, i get to use my system for 5 minutes before the whole thing repeats itself. Irritating, isn’t it?

Well…. i do have low tolerance for this kind of issues, it is unacceptable in so many levels, right? Thus, i went around surfing the net for a solution, and i have tried the below but it does not help:

  • update / upgrade everything that is possible
  • reinstall the Nvidia drivers
  • install the latest Nvidia driver
  • change Nvidia driver & preferences
  • upgrade to Ubuntu Maverick (10.10)
  • modify codes related to the my USB keyboard and mouse
  • disable display effects: smooth fonts, visual effects… etc

After many re-installations of Ubuntu Maverick and trying out settings above, I am finally convince that the whole shebang is due to the Nvidia drivers and Xorg incompatibility. In the end i just did the simplest thing possible: DISABLE THE NVIDIA DRIVER

  • System > Administration > Additional Drivers (Restricted Drivers)
  • Click on the activated Nvidia driver
  • Click on the ‘remove’ button towards the right bottom

Yes, it will disable all the fancy visual effects, but i get a stable system that does not randomly hang for the last 24 hours. And it is  better for me this way, at least. That’s my take.


[news] Chinese Supercomputer Ranked World’s Second Fastest

3 06 2010

China is not only making it’s presence felt in the finance & economy world, but it is also making waves in the technology sector as ‘The Dawning Nebulae’ is now ranked as the world’s second fastest supercomputer. This new ranking was made public on at the International Supercomputer Conference in Hamburg on the 31st May 2010.

Although in terms of theoretical peak performance the Chinese supercomputer is suppose to be top notch, but it the results was disappointing when it come to actual computing speed. I guess the engineers & scientist at the National Supercomputing Center in Shenzen, China will have more work to do to tweak the performance of their brand new toy.

The Nebulae is based on chips from Intel & Nvidia, but a new system which will be based on China’s homegrown microprocessor is due later this year. China is sure out to proof to the world that it is not just a manufacturing power house. That’s my take.